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Benjamin Pesante, MS

Senior Research Fellow

A native of southern Rhode Island, Ben grew up in a rustic coastal town where his father, a commercial gillnet fisherman, and his mother, a middle school teacher, taught him the power of loving, faithful service to family and community, and the importance of hard work towards one’s goals with grace and humility. A strong interest in science and healthcare inspired by a close aunt, a nurse practitioner, led Ben to pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering/pre-med at the Catholic University of America, where he also played on the men’s varsity soccer team. Following college, he worked as an engineer in the medical device industry for a couple years, and then began medical school at the University of Connecticut.


Ben is thrilled to serve as a Research Fellow in the Denver Health Orthopedic Trauma department this year! He has thoroughly enjoyed participating in impactful, stimulating research alongside incredible colleagues and mentors! His goal is to train as an orthopedic surgeon following medical school, and is confident this year is serving as a strong foundation for the field. Outside of research, Ben has enjoyed exploring Colorado, including hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, biking through different trails in the city, and trying new foods. He’s a New England sports fan, loves fitness, and enjoys reading and learning theology.

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