Nicholas Tucker, MD

Senior Research Fellow

Growing up, Nick lived in many cities throughout the US, spanning from New Mexico and Nashville to Los Angeles and the Midwest --offering opportunities to fuel his curiosity for the world and develop an appreciation for the many unique environments the US provides. Though he come from a non-medical family, he became interested in medicine and orthopedics specifically because it combined this innate curiosity with his desire to improve the quality of life of others. These feelings have only grown stronger in working for the sports medicine department during his undergraduate years at Notre Dame and studying to be a physician at Case Western’s medical school in Cleveland.


Nick could not be more excited to be on the orthopedic team this year at Denver Health! Following his year of research, his desire is to train as an orthopedic surgeon and provide high-quality care to patients of all backgrounds. In addition to his passions for patient care and teaching, he love listening to and producing music, French cooking, reading about personal finance, exploring the outdoors (hiking, skiing, and running long-distance races), and all things coffee/espresso. He and his wife, Amanda, cannot wait to explore all that Denver has to offer with our golden retriever, Lily!

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