Projects & Publications

We are proud of the research we do here at Denver Health, and we are also proud of the research done by our research fellows and assistants outside of our facility. Below is a collection of work done by our team over the years. 

Evolution of plate design and material composition


David J. Hak, Rodrigo Banegas, Kyros Ipaktchi, Cyril Mauffrey

Radiographic Evaluation of Acetabular 
Fractures: Review and Update on Methodology


Cyril Mauffrey, Stephen Stacey, Philip J. York, Bruce H. Ziran, Michael T. Archdeacon

Vertical shear pelvic injury: evaluation, management, and fixation strategies 


Laura Blum, Mark E. Hake, Ryan Charles, Todd Conlan, David Rojas, Murphy Trey Martin, Cyril Mauffrey 

Vitrual Cadaver 




Jason Nadaeu - Contributor