Denver Health APO Conference


(Advanced Practitioners Orthopedic Conference)

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Our first APO Conference, held April 28th, 2018, focused the AM on Orthopedic Trauma and included two break out sessions where participants could practice casting and splinting. There was also a break out session on External Fixation Principles with saw-bones.

The PM focused on knee and shoulder exams and injuries. Topics included common pathologies and treatments, emergencies in sports medicine, and how to read a shoulder MRI. 


Similar to our first conference, our second conference also focused on Orthopedic Trauma, with the AM session discussing basic orthopedic trauma. Topics included what to look for and how to read an Xray, compartment syndrome, and How do fractures heal?

In the PM we had three break out sessions, casting and splinting (back by popular demand), fracture fixation with saw-bone plating of a radius fracture, as well as lower and upper extremity, and pelvic external fixation. 



For our third conference, we wanted to focus on orthopedics in a primary care setting. Our lectures covered hand, foot and ankle. 

Some of the highlighted lectures from this conference were on doing an orthopedic work up as a non ortho provider, acute and chronic hand conditions, Foot and Ankle 101: Bootcamp for non ortho providers, and back for a third time, reporting Xrays like a pro!